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The Facts

Carly Fiorina’s tenure at Hewlett Packard was filled with clashes with HP board members and top executives. New York Times, 2/10/2005.

The Facts

Personality tests are easy to fake. The Personality Test Myth by Dr. Myra S. White.

Super-Talent™ Profiles
  Super-Talent™ Profiles Predict Performance and Fit

The detailed scientific information provided by a Super-Talent™ Profile helps you determine whether a person will be able to deliver what you need and will flow with your organization.

  Super-Talent™ Profiles Are NOT Personality Tests

Personality tests are like a black and white photo of a person. They provide a static one-dimensional picture. Plus, just as people can touch up photos, people can easily manipulate personality tests to create an attractive image. Super-Talent™ Profiles show you what a person can do for your business.

  Super-Talent™ Profiles Are Based on Science

Work Intelligence identifies a person's Super-Talent™ Profile from multiple sources. This includes interviewing the person and former colleagues as well as reviewing all published material about the person. This data is then analyzed using unique scientific system.

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