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The Facts

The AOL and Time Warner merger created instant conflict at the top (The New Yorker, 3/1/2005). An analysis of their executive teams before the merger could have prevented this mismarriage.

The Facts
Peter Adderton, founder and CEO of Amp'd, burned through $360 million of venture capital before Amp'd ended up in bankruptcy. His performance earned Amp'd the top spot on Inside CRM's list of the twenty worst all time venture capital investments. A careful analysis of Adderton's past behavior would have revealed that he was brilliant at marketing but operations was not his forte.
For Businesses
  Equity Companies, Venture Capitalists, Investment Firms and Banks

Before investing in companies, you need to know if existing executive teams have the Super-Talent™ Profiles to succeed.


Trying to get executives from two different companies to effectively work together can be a daunting task. Super-Talent™ Profiles provide information that lets you restructure organizational processes to maximize performance.


Super-Talent™ Profiles help you assess the strengths and financial value of senior executive teams in companies that you are considering purchasing. They also provide the information that you need to make the right changes in preexisting executive teams once you have acquired a company.

  The Executive Suite
Succession: Super-Talent™ Profiles provide CEO's and boards with the information they need to determine who should be on the succession list and help them make the final choice.
Conflicts: Super-Talent™ Profiles help you develop constructive solutions to on-going conflicts in your executive suite in order that you can more fully capitalize on your executive talent.

  Professional Firms and Organizations

Super-Talent™ Profiles help you pick professionals who will provide a positive return on your investment and meet your long-term strategic needs.

  Training Programs and Consulting

We provide training programs and coaching to teach you how to effectively use Super-Talent™ Profiles in your business..

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